Introduction Guide

A Tour of Coliseum Arena

Before we begin, allow me to give you a brief tour of the Coliseum Arena, so you don’t get lost.

If you notice on the campaign heading you will see several tabbed links as standard to a Obsidian portal account, It will look something like this;


Alright now that you have located the tab sections let me go through which each tab will be used for.

  • Home Tab: This tab is just a front page for the campaign and a little spice to jazz it up a bit.
  • Adventure Log Tab: Every fight that has ever been held in Coliseum Arena can be found here (or in the Battle of the Week threads for pairings). When your character participates in a fight, that fight will be posted here. You can also browse older fights to see what kinds of tactics have worked (or not worked) in the past.
  • Wiki Tab: This contains all the rules for the Coliseum Arena. As well as Information for possible allies and forum rules and expectations. This is going to be the main bulk of the campaign page.
  • Characters Tab: This contains the links to the character sheets of every gladiator in Coliseum Arena. This is where you will post your own character sheet later on, and where you will find the sheets of your opponents. You’ll find a roster of every character there is; click on the name to see the sheet. You’ll be returning here often.
  • Items Tab: This tab contains special items that can be received via tournaments or other special opportunities.
  • Forums Tab: The Forums is the message board system for Coliseum Arena, the main boards here will be the Tavern (general chat), Fight of the Week (pairings for up coming fights and events), and Rules Submission (the location for errata and house rule posting if you would like to see it in Coliseum Arena), other Forums may be created by myself or by the group players.
  • Calendar Tab: This tab will have the scheduled dates for each Coliseum Arena day, usually I would hope to be running it weekly. If a tournament is scheduled the dates will be posted here as well.
  • Maps Tab: I hope to eventually have a digital copy of each arena map. When the event comes that I have them I will post them online here so each player can learn each arena
  • Comments Tab: For all of you that are visiting this site, please feel free to leave comments here, thank you for all of your input and suggestions as well.

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Introduction Guide

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